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You Choose.
We Bring.
They Love.

Easy for parents, healthy for kids

We’re a small family-run company with a passion for helping kids live happier, healthier lives.

Why Yay Lunch

Save Time

Take lunch off your to-do list.

Rest Easy

Well-balanced, high-quality lunches made fresh daily.

Make ‘Em Smile

Healthier versions of lunches they already love.

Our Partners

We partner with like-minded foodmakers who share our vision of getting the best possible food to kids everyday.

Our lunches are made fresh daily from simple, real food with an eye for local and organic produce, grass-fed and naturally-raised meats, and never any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Our Story

Yay Lunch was born out of a genuine problem in my own life: how can I get a healthy, thoughtful lunch to my kid every single day?

School lunches are often filled with processed ingredients and sugar. Making lunch ourselves from high-quality food is ideal but too time consuming.

Our mission is to make it easy to give kids healthy lunches they'll love, everyday.

We're determined to do this in the freshest and least wasteful way possible. This means no food in boxes shipped around the country. No unnecessary packaging to throw out. No gases or films to keep food from spoiling as it sits prepared for days.

We deliver real food made fresh daily directly to where your kids learn and play. We work with vendors who understand and uphold our mission to make healthier versions of food kids already love.

We proudly feed our kids the lunches we offer yours.


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