What’s on the menu this week?

For Charlottesville:
Monday is Taco + Quesadilla Day | Tuesday is B.Good Burgers | Wednesday is Keevil Kid’s Favorites | Thursday is Zoe’s Kitchen Deli Day | Friday is Brixx Wood-Fired Pizza.

For Richmond:
Monday + Thursday are Baker’s Crust | Tuesday is B.Good Burger Day | Wednesday is Zoe’s Kitchen | Friday is California Pizza Kitchen

Check out our lunch menu here!

Can we choose our own lunches?

Of course! Choose from a number of different meals for each luncher every day of the week.

When is the cutoff for ordering + choosing weekly lunches?

Saturday 6PM for the following week.

What happens when my school has days off and or on holidays?

YayLunch mirrors each individual school’s lunch calendar so that you will not be able to order on the days school is not in session.

Am I charged based on my subscription or the actual number of meals I select in a given week?

You will only ever be charged for the number of lunches you choose in a given week! So even if you are on a 4 day plan but for some reason only choose 3 meals, you will only be charged for those three meals.

What if I forget to choose my meals for the week?

No worries! We automatically mirror your preferences from the last normal week you ordered.

How can I get Yay Lunch in our school?

You can enroll your school here!