How do deliveries work?

Yay Lunch delivers lunches from local vendors directly to schools. Each lunch is labeled with your child’s name, grade, teacher + dietary restrictions. Our drivers deliver meals in insulated carriers so lunches stay warm and fresh.

When are lunches delivered to schools?

Exact delivery times vary with each school’s lunch schedule. We work with each school to coordinate a delivery window within 15 minutes of the beginning of the lunch period.

Do lunches come with napkins + utensils?

All lunches come with napkins + utensils unless your school has opted out of receiving them. !! or is part of our Yay Green Program.

Do you have a phone number?

The best way to get in touch with us is through email, or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram @yaylunch!

I'm having some issues with the website.

Email us at info@yaylunch.com and we can help you out!

Do you have an app?

Stay tuned…

Can we choose our own lunches?

Of course! Choose from a number of different meals for each luncher every day of the week.

My children attend a school that doesn't offer Yay Lunch. How can I get Yay Lunch in our school?

You can enroll your school here!

Are you hiring?

Thanks for your interest! We’re always looking for talented team members, so email us at info@yaylunch.com

How do I permanently close my Yay Lunch account?

Please email us at info@yaylunch.com with the email address on the account.


What’s on the menu this week?

Menus vary by school. To a view the menu for your school, log in and view your lunch calendar. For a list of menu items by city, click here.

What kind of fruit is included with meals?

Yay Lunch and our vendor partners strive to source produce seasonally, thus the provided fruit is subject to change. Your lunch may have juicy blueberries in the summer, apples in the fall, grapes in the winter, and strawberries in the spring. Let us know if you have concerns around specific fruits!

Do lunches come with a drink?

In an effort to reduce waste, lunches do not come with a beverage.

How big are the portions?

We have something for everyone! Generally, lunches in the $4.49 - $5.99 range are best suited for K - 5th grades while lunches in the $6.99 - $7.99 range are suggested for 6th grade and up.

How do you handle food allergies?

Everyday, you will be able to find gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and vegetarian lunch options from us. In addition, all of our lunches are free from nuts and shellfish. If your child has a more specific allergy, please email us at info@yaylunch.com.

What about cross-contamination?

We understand that allergies are serious. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the surfaces/prep equipment will always be free from traces of certain allergens. Should your luncher have a severe enough allergy where cross-contamination can be an issue, we may not be the best service for you.


I've selected meals. How do I checkout?

Lunches you select are saved automatically, so there’s no need to check out! We’ll bill you the total of your weekly order on Saturday before your scheduled week of lunches. For example, if you schedule lunches for Monday the 10th and Wednesday the 12th, you will be billed for these lunches on Saturday the 8th.

Can I change my orders?

You can make as many changes to your lunch calendar as you’d like up until Saturday at 6 PM when orders lock for the following week.

When is the cutoff for ordering + choosing weekly lunches?

Saturday 6PM, for the following week. If you miss the window, let us know at info@yaylunch.com. Remember, you can schedule lunches up to 4 weeks in advance!

Can I pause lunch orders or skip a week?

Sure can! Simply leave the days you do not want lunch delivered blank on your lunch calendar.

Do you guys have a subscription?

Nope! We know that kids can be picky and your life is hectic so we wanted to make it as easy and flexible as possible for you to order lunches whenever you’d like.

My child is sick or has an unplanned absence and I need to cancel lunch for the day. How do I do that?

Please email us asap at info@yaylunch.com ! We can usually cancel lunches if we are notified before 9am that day.

What happens when my school has days off and or on holidays?

Yay Lunch mirrors each individual school’s calendar. Holidays and breaks are blocked out ahead of time, so there’s no chance of any accidental orders! But we understand things happen, so if there are any hiccups, email us at info@yaylunch.com!

What about snow days and unplanned school closures?

We maintain direct communication with our schools to stay on top of any closures. During a closure, all lunch orders will be canceled and refunded.

I'm a faculty or staff member. Could I order lunch?

Absolutely! Just register yourself as the luncher and select ‘Fac/Staff’ as your grade.

How does billing work?

The credit or debit card on your account will be charged every Saturday at 6 PM, when orders lock in for the following week.

It's my first week and I don't see my 50% off discount in my order summary.

The discount is automatically applied when orders are processed. No need for a promo code!

Can I order lunches for pick up or home delivery?

Not at the moment. If you’d like Yay Lunch in your school, let us know!